Data Tools

We are working on ways to make our data available to webmasters and developers. We will be providing a full data API in the future and we are currently providing content you can embed in your website to show our Profile and Census 2011 data.

You can include our content using an iframe as shown below. This content is fully responsive, so it works on mobiles and desktops.

<iframe src="http://www.uklocalarea.com/api.php?q=SW19+5AG"
        style="border: 0; width:100%; height:100%;"></iframe>

Be sure to replace the postcode with the correct postcode you want to include data for. Currently only postcodes are supported. Also be sure to adjust the size of the iframe to suit your content.

To include census data add census=y to the iframe src link.

<iframe src="http://www.uklocalarea.com/api.php?q=SW19+5AG&census=y"
        style="border: 0; width:100%; height:100%;"></iframe>

Working Examples Embedding SW19 5AG

Include Profile

Include Census