Willington West End Wear Valley 003F

Streel-level crimes in 2020-02

1On or near Larmouth Close
2On or near Albion Place
3On or near Larmouth Close
4On or near Supermarket
5On or near Mill Street
6On or near Larmouth Close
7On or near Albion Place
8On or near Myers GroveUnder investigation
9On or near West End TerraceUnder investigation
10On or near Taylor CourtUnable to prosecute suspect
11On or near SupermarketUnable to prosecute suspect
12On or near Mill StreetAwaiting court outcome
13On or near Richardson CourtUnder investigation
14On or near Front StreetInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
15On or near Carville TerraceInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
16On or near Mill StreetUnable to prosecute suspect
17On or near Mill StreetAwaiting court outcome
18On or near SupermarketUnder investigation
19On or near Taylor CourtUnder investigation
20On or near Taylor CourtLocal resolution
21On or near SupermarketUnable to prosecute suspect
22On or near Taylor CourtFurther investigation is not in the public interest
23On or near Rutherford CourtUnder investigation
24On or near Commercial StreetAwaiting court outcome
25On or near Front StreetUnder investigation
26On or near GreenwaysUnable to prosecute suspect

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