Crinnis Restormel 010E

Ward: Crinnis

Local Authority: Restormel (Contact Council)

Streel-level crimes in 2020-02

1On or near Barkhouse Lane
2On or near Supermarket
3On or near Daniels LaneInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
4On or near SupermarketUnder investigation
5On or near Pennys LaneInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
6On or near Holmbush Arch RoadUnder investigation
7On or near Pennys LaneUnder investigation
8On or near Boscundle CloseUnder investigation
9On or near Mayfield CloseInvestigation complete; no suspect identified
10On or near Church RoadUnder investigation
11On or near Daniels LaneUnder investigation
12On or near Biscovey RoadUnder investigation
13On or near Beach RoadUnder investigation
14On or near Duck StreetUnder investigation
15On or near Penrice ParcUnder investigation
16On or near Jubilee MeadowUnder investigation
17On or near Beach RoadUnder investigation
18On or near Whieldon RoadUnable to prosecute suspect
19On or near Jubilee MeadowUnable to prosecute suspect

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