Barnfield Ward

Local Authority: Hyndburn

The red markers indicate the centre of each area for which profile information is available in Barnfield, Hyndburn. View local area information by clicking on one of the names below.

  1. Hyndburn 008A Better than 42% of areas in England
    10% Complete (poor)
    40% Complete (good)
    -8% Complete (very good)
  2. Hyndburn 008B In bottom 10% of areas in England
    1% Complete (poor)
    0% Complete (good)
    0% Complete (very good)
  3. Hyndburn 008C Better than 23% of areas in England
    10% Complete (poor)
    13% Complete (good)
    0% Complete (very good)

  • Deprivation Index last published: 2015 (England), 2014 (Wales), 2012 (Scotland)
  • Census last published for 2011
  • School league tables published annually
  • House prices published quaterly