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UK postcode search for local area information including census statistics, house prices, school results, council tax, energy prices and more in England and Wales.

 Enter Postcode or Local Area (e.g. "HA4 6PQ" or "South Ruislip")

You can also browse UK Local Authorities.
Neighbourhood Profile
UK Local Area provides helpful information for anyone moving to a new area.

View Neighbourhood Profile created from the latest census and national statistics including deprivation and crime levels.
Sales & Lettings
Properties for sale and to let displayed on the map.
House Prices
Average House Prices for the last 6 months.
School Results
League tables for Primary, GCSE, and A/AS Levels.
Council Tax
Council Tax prices for all bands in England.
Gas & Electricity
Compare Gas & Electricity energy bill prices.
Public Transport
Nearest Public Transport & find nearest business.

All areas display a Quality of Life Indicator Quality of Life Indicator which is based on the Index of Deprivation. This shows an instant measure of the quality of life in that area compared to other areas in the country, where England and Wales are separate countries.

You can see the quality of life for all regions in an area when searching by area name.

Rate and review areas yourself. Not happy with the government rating, now you can have your say on UK Local Area!